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Body Tonique

Photo of Liz Barringer Body Tonique Founder

Liz Barringer, Founder

Body Tonique Classic in 8oz Spray BottleYears ago an extraordinary event led to the development of Body Tonique, which we now call Body Tonique Classic. Since then, every one who tried it, has raved about it! Testimonials taught us the different conditions it was used for and the fabulous results our customers experienced. Now, combining those experiences with years of research and testing, we have expanded our product line. All of our skin care products are formulated with all natural, chemical free ingredients to smooth, refine, strengthen and pamper the skin. Concerned about the care of your skin such as lines and wrinkles, acne, rosacea, dryness or aged spots, Body Tonique Skin Care is a product for every type of complexion. It is designed especially for you.

“A Drink for Your Thirsty Skin!”

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